Heidi Marie Kriznik

is a writer and part of the family

Heidi Marie Kriznik lives in Oslo.
APPLAUSE was her first novel, and it won her the prestigious
Tarjei Vesaas' First Book Award. She has also received
the Unified Language Prize 2008 for her writing.
The prize is awarded annually to a writer who has created
excellent literary works  using a popular, radical bokmål Norwegian.

Praise for Applause:
"Heidi Marie Kriznik has managed to write
herself into the major league already with
her first book. She has managed to breach
the boundaries of a family-novel and to
say something about being a human being
and a stranger in Norwegian society.
It is simply very well done"

Praise for Gone One Winter:
”The passages where grief overpowers
Zenz in cunning ambushes are masterly –
sharply carved, tightly edited, and
consistently honest to the protagonist …
Gone One Winter is at least as
compassionately told as Applause,
at least as beautiful and at least as tender.”