Gunnar Tollefsen


Born in Nøss where the gallery is housed.

Educated at the State Art Academy in Oslo under Professors 
Åge Storstein and Reidar Aulie.

Worked with painting, drawing, relief and wood-sculpture.

Exhibited several times in the Northern Norway Art Exhibition, 
and many collective exhibitions in Northern Norway. Has also exhibited 
at the Autumn Show and galleries in Oslo, Hamar, Stavanger and Luleå.

Permanent installations at Bardu town hall, Alta TV studios, Porsangermoen,
Tromsø university library, Tromsdalen college, Bardufoss college, 
Hadsel nursing home, Andenes health centre,Rypefjord nursing home, 
Mosjøen college, Fishing industry school at Gravdal,
Andøy health centre at Åse and Kirkenes hospital.

His work has been purchased by the Norwegian Arts Council, 
the Northern Norway Art Museum,and several North Norway public buildings.
Has received the Nordland artist’s fellowship and startup fund.
Since 1983, he has held the State’s artists’ stipend.
Member of NNBK/NBK/LNM.