Siri Tollefsen

Works with textile crafts / design and digital graphics.

I explore the close in nature around me, and find
moods and motifs in the rich fairytale world as
are present in the landscape on Andøya and in Vesterålen.
I am inspired by details, shapes, colors and humor,
and birds have long been a very important source of inspiration.

Educated at the Art Colleges in Oslo and Bergen, with
major from the section for textiles, at the Art Academy in
Bergen, 1998.

Has participated in a number of exhibitions around the country, and has
made assignments for, among others, the House of Literature and
Fritt Ord in Oslo.
In Bergen, she was affiliated with the studio community
kulturhuset USF Verftet, and collaborated for a period in
the group Moe Udd Tollefsen, on Bryggen in Bergen.
Siri also has extensive experience as a textile designer
the textile agency Oddmund Knarvik AS in Bergen.

From 2015, Nøss has become a permanent place of work and residence,
where she also has her own workshop in connection with Atelier Nøss.
For the last three years she has done workshops for Den Kulturelle Skolesekken
 in Troms and Nordland.
From 2016, she has also worked with exhibitions and board work
in Sortland Kunstforening.

Member of Norske Kunsthåndverkere and Norske Kunsthåndverkere Nord-Norge.